Sugar Grammar Revision Worksheet/Field

Sugar Grammar Revision Worksheet/Field
1. Sentence Fragments: Sentences must express a complete thought-just having a subject and
verb does not make a complete sentence; the subjects and verbs must be appropriately placed.
Simply being long does not make a complete sentence.
Therefore, pushing me to open the box and look inside.
Just like kids under twenty-one who are not allowed to drink but look at how teenage kids act out
and how they go out of their way to get alcohol and party.
2. Run-On Sentences: Sentences must not express more than one complete thought without the
correct and appropriate punctuation.
Just regulating sugar won’t stop the problem at its source it’s further avoiding the necessary steps
the public needs to take so that they can live a healthy productive life.
The opposition may argue that it is not the government’s job, but the parent’s job to teach the
children healthy food choices; and that even if the government creates restrictions would it make
a difference or would it all go to waste as soon as the child leaves school.
3. Plagiarism: You cannot use other people’s sentences, phrases or key words without giving
them credit.
In June 2013, the Obama administration released a long awaited nutrition standards for foods that
school children can buy outside the cafeteria, changes that are intended to combat climbing
childhood obesity rates.
Using the longitudinal study to create a system of goal setting to better correct the eating habits of
the populace.
4. Antecedent: When you use a pro-noun (a noun that takes the place of another noun-it, she,
they, him), the reader must know to what noun (food, Susan, students, Lustig) you are referring.
If they could start to educate about processed sugars in the same ways then I think they would
see real improvements. They need to focus on kids though and really grasp the next generation
because they are more likely to change their eating habits.
5. Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive: The use of have or has before a verb indicates that
you are talking about something that affects the current situation. However, it also sounds unsure
and less than definitive. Forms of “have been” should be avoided if possible.
The level of sugar intake in America has increased a whole heap during the past years. This
change has caused the obesity rate to go up, especially child obesity, and has caused major health
6. Topic Sentences: Use the first sentence in your paragraph to explain the topic of that
paragraph and try to transition from the prior paragraph.
Regulating processed sugar is an infringement on American civil rights, especially a parent’s
responsibility to take care of their children. The Bill of Rights was created to protect the freedom
and rights of American citizens and limit what the government can and cannot control, to ensure
that there would not be a tyrannical government or leader that imposed their will on the American
people. The government should not be involved in regulating the American people.
7. Intro: Please use the first paragraph (or 2) as a chance to: explain the dangers of processed
sugar, explain the debate over processed sugar regulations and present your claim. Make sure to
keep your claim in mind when you pick and choose the details to include here…. try to make
these details work to support your ideas.
“You are what you eat,” is a phrase we hear often in America. No matter who is saying it, we are
constantly reminded that our diets are an important part of our lives. That’s why our society is
now having a great debate on the regulation of sugar. This debate covers everything from taxes
to food stamps, but should sugar really be treated like alcohol or tobacco? An almost impossible
task, I would say. It’s my belief that the government should not regulate sugar in the United
States because it’s not an attainable goal. Instead, the American government should spread public
awareness of the dangers of processed sugars.
8. Parenthetical citations: CITE ALL STATISTICS. If you give an author’s name, you still
must use a PC with a page number. Do not use entire names-just last!
Our addiction for sugar has progressed considerably over time according to Rick Cohen: “the
more we tasted the more we wanted. In the 1700s…..more than 22 teaspoons of added sugar a
day” (_____).