Photosynthesis Questions What is sugar? Sugar is an energy

Photosynthesis Questions
1. What is sugar?
a. Sugar is an energy-rich substance made by plants that cells use as a source of
2. What raw materials do plants need to build sugar molecules? Where do they come
a. Carbon dioxide, water, and light are needed to build sugar molecules.
b. Carbon dioxide comes from the air; water comes through the xylem tubes
from the roots; light comes from the Sun.
3. What is the role played by chlorophyll?
a. Chlorophyll absorbs light energy (blue and red light) needed to change CO2
(carbon dioxide) and water into sugar.
4. What are the products of photosynthesis? Where do they go?
a. The products of photosynthesis are sugar, O2 (oxygen), and water.
b. Sugar goes into the phloem; O2 goes into the air; water goes to the cells and
into the air.
5. Where do plants produce food?
a. Plants produce food in their cells that contain the green pigment chlorophyll.
6. You run on solar energy. How is that possible?
a. We run on solar energy because plants transform solar energy into energyrich sugar during photosynthesis. You eat plants (and other organisms that
eat plants) to survive. The energy in plant tissues came from the Sun, so we
all run on solar energy.
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