Career Development Opportunites

Career Development Opportunities
Team Offering
Type of Opportunity
Contact name
Academic Engagement – Academic
Introduction to Subject Librarianship
(meeting to discuss what the job
involves – can be focused to particular
subject specialisms)
Teaching observation
Ad hoc as requested
Caroline Gale & team
In line with teaching schedule – more
opportunities are likely in the Autumn
In line with teaching schedule.
Teaching observation would have to
be undertaken first: suggest working
with particular subject librarian on
both activities.
In line with group meeting schedule
Caroline Gale & team
Ad hoc as requested
Sue Abbott
Monthly – in line with meeting
Lee Snook / Chris Cooper
Academic Engagement – Academic
Academic Engagement – Academic
Co-presenting teaching session
Academic Engagement – Academic
Participation in Infoskills meeting. To
gain insight into current activities and
participate in current projects – e.g.
Library Bytes films
Introduction to LRS
marketing/promotion strategy.
Opportunity to explore social media
such as Twitter/Blogs/Facebook
Opportunity to attend IS Meetings of
EMS Pentag team – usually involves
Academic Liaison – Digital Library
EMS Pentag
a brief business meeting, discuss a
paper and invite a guest speaker.
Caroline Gale & team
Caroline Huxtable
All teams
All teams
All teams
Heritage Collections - Bill Douglas
Heritage Collections – Special
Heritage Collections – Special
Mentoring – opportunity to work with
experienced colleague for support in
developing and enhancing skills and
performance and for personalised
and supportive work discussions
Desk time for work based research in
work area or for career development
As agreed to suit mentor/mentee
Head of Section. Mentors and
mentees to be matched and agreed
across teams
To be agreed with Line Manager
Line Managers
Career Development Group. An
informal group for those seeking
career development opportunities to
network together and identify training
and development opportunities
ELE Module – Dealing with Enquiries.
An online training resource to assist
with effective enquiry handling
Briefing on the Centre from Phil
Wickham, Curator.
To be agreed
LCS Development Champion
Available via ELE. A recommended
Induction activity for all staff
LCS Development Champion
By request
Head of Heritage Collections/Curator,
Twice-termly small group tour for
those seeking to learn more about the
team for directional/content
Teaching observation/seminar setup
Up to five persons per tour
Special Collections Team Leaders –
Gemma Poulton/Sue Inskip
By request
Christine Faunch/Heritage Collections