ACRL Standards Committee Midwinter 2013

ALA Midwinter 2013 Conference
ACRL Standards Committee
Sunday, January 27, 2013
1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Westin Seattle Hotel, Orcas Room
Welcome and Introductions
2. Appointment of a Recorder
3. Formal approval of the January 22, 2012 Midwinter Conference Meeting minutes
(Approved by email)
4. Review of Chapter 14 procedures for the committee, particularly related to communication
expectations as standards are created or reviewed.
Consider content needed in “standards style guide”
5. Approval of Guidelines for University Library Services to Undergraduate Students
6. Liaison reports: Status of standards and guidelines past due:
 Information Lit.Competency Standards for Higher Education
 Information Literacy Instruction, Objectives for: A Model Statement for Academic Librarians
 Science and Technology, Information Literacy Standards for
 Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators of Instruction Programs, Standards
 Research Competency Guidelines for Literatures in English
 Faculty Status of College and University Librarians, Joint Statement on
7. Liaison reports: Status of standards under review:
 I L Standards for Anthropology and Sociology Students
 Collective Bargaining, Guidelines on
 Selection and Transfer from General Collections to Special Collections, Guidelines on the
 Distance Learning Library Services, Standards for
 Competencies for Special Collections Professionals, Guidelines
 Political Science Research Competency Guidelines
Liaison reports: Contacts for planned review or revision by 2013
Curriculum Materials Centers, Guidelines for
Access to Original Res. Materials, ALA-SAA Joint Statement
Screening and Appointment of Academic Librarians Using a Search Committee, Guideline for
9. Announcements
10. Adjournment