How can Special Collections support my research

Course Title: How can Special Collections support my research
Course Description:
Special Collections are collections of books, journals and other materials considered important
enough to be preserved for future generations, and are kept separately from the more mainstream
Visit the South Wales Miners’ Library (SWML) on the Hendrefoelan Campus to look at the rich and
diverse Special Collections we hold. Discover how these, and Special Collections held in other
University libraries, can be accessed and used in your research.
The SWML is located at the top of the student village on the Hendrefoelan Campus
and can be reached from campus on a No.82 or 82A bus
Target Audience: This course is aimed at students at any stage of research
Pre-requisites: n/a
Session preparation: n/a
Format of Delivery: Face to Face
Please remember to arrive on time for a course – places are limited and offered on a first come
first serve basis.
Don’t forget to keep a record of your attendance as this will count towards the Postgraduate
Research Skills Award