Sept. 22 Daily Catch

Daily Catch
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Target: Standard 3.1 Major geologic events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mid-ocean ridges, and mountain formation are associated with plate boundaries and attributed to plate motions.
a. Gather, analyze and communicate data that explains Earth's plates, plate motions, and the results of plate motions.
b. Identify, interpret, and explain models of plates motions on Earth.
c. Use maps to locate likely geologic "hot spots", using evidence earthquakes and volcanic activity.
d. Use web-based or other technology tools to show connections and patterns in data about tectonic plate boundaries and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mountain formation.
Summary: Use a vocabulary word you did not know in a sentence and in the
sentence add clues to define the vocabulary word make sure to describe a real
world example to support your vocabulary word.
Tues: After looking at your grade in science explain if you are being excellent as a
Summary How do these maps and the patterns of the earth’s surface relate to what is inside
science student and identify what you can do to improve your habits to become an
excellent science student.
the earth? Try to use an example from your map!
Wed: What are maps used for?
Summary How were you scientifically minded as you came up with your overall claim for the Map
Mon: Warm UP: How does scientific inquiry different than just asking a
Patter Inquiry activity?
Thurs: Identify an example of heat
and its movement within the world around you.
Summary Justify how atoms move from one place to another place and predict what happens to the
lithosphere when the asthenosphere has moving atoms.
Fri: Describe the asthenosphere and how the heated fluids would move according to your
reading understandings.
Concept Map for the Week
Summary: What will happen to the convection currents in the mantle if Earth’s interior eventually
cools down? Explain