Dynamic Earth SG - UMS-Wright Preparatory School | Haiku

ID the following terms:
Dimensional analysis
topographic map
mid-ocean ridges
Convection currents
plate boundaries
P wave
S wave
Describe the similarities and differences between normal faults and reverse faults.
What are the 3 types of plate boundaries, and how does each affect the crust?
How was the theory of plate tectonics developed?
For each of the Earth’s layers, know the following:
1. liquid or solid
2. relative temperature
3. role in Earth’s geologic identity (what goes on in that layer)
What happens in each of the following rock cycle processes?
1. weathering
2. crystallization
3. melting
Where is the asthenosphere located? The lithosphere?
Differentiate between lines of latitude and lines of longitude.
What causes earthquakes? Name several places on Earth where earthquakes are
most common, and explain why they are more likely there.
How does each type of tectonic force affect the crust? What type of plate boundary
is associated with each type of force?
Compressional forces – Tensional forces – Shear forces