Ch 1-3 Test Review

World Geography Test Review
Chapters 1, 2, and 3
1. What are the 5 Themes of Geography?
2. Give an example of absolute Location.
3. Give an example of relative location.
4. What defines a region?
5. What are the two characteristics of place? Give an example of each.
6. If you were to hop on the next plane to London, what theme would that action represent?
7. Give one example of Human Environment Interaction.
8. What substance do Tectonic Plates float on top of?
9. Draw a diagram depicting the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere.
10. The Prime Meridian is found at 0ᵒ _______.
11. The Equator is found at 0ᵒ
___________ .
12. Earthquakes often occur along transform boundaries. What direction do plates tend to
move along a transform boundary?
13. Mountains are created by what type of plate movement?
14. Trenches are created by what type of plate movement?
15. What type of movement involves one plate sliding over the top of another plate?
16. The Ring of Fire is an area of high volcanic activity located where?
17. What is a relief?
18. The __________ cycle consists of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
19. Name the three main types of weathering. Give an example of each.
20. Define Aquifer.
21. The revolution of the earth causes ______ ____________.
22. The rotation of the earth causes ____________________.
23. If it is summer in Texas, what season would it be in Brazil?
24. List all the forms of erosion that we talked about in class.
25. The intensity of an earthquake is measured on what scale?
26. What is the difference between typical soil and humus?
27. Define convection.
28. What climate zone consists of mainly cold weather and evergreen forests?
29. What cold climate zone is characterized by perpetual permafrost?
30. In what climate zone would I find a rain forest?
31. Seattle, Washington is in what type of climate zone?
32. Draw a diagram of a rain shadow and explain the phenomenon?
33. List the 5 factors of that affect climate below.
34. List the acronym we use for characteristics of a good map. Make sure to write what each
letter stands for