Plate Tectonics Review

Plate Tectonics Review
1. Describe the theory of plate tectonics
2. Identify events (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) and the landforms created by them on the
Earth’s surface that occur at different plate boundaries (ES2B6a)
a. Compare the two types of plates
b. List and describe the motion of the three types of plate boundaries
c. Describe what events and features are associated with each type of plate boundary
3. Explain how thermal energy is transferred by the processes of convection, conduction, and
radiation (ES2E7c)
4. Explain convection currents are the result of uneven heating inside the mantle resulting in the
melting of rock materials, convection of magma, eruption/flow of magma, and movement of
crustal plates (ES2B8a)
5. Describe how the movement of crustal plates can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
that can result in mountain building and trench formation