What do I need to know about English 1

English 1-2 with Mrs. Gomez
All of the rules at
NTHS are based on
RAMS. Write the
meaning of each
letter here.
Then cut and paste
the rules into the
correct category.
Arriving to class
During class
Food & drink
Classroom supplies
When a teacher uses
the quiet signal,
mimic the signal & be
quiet. Also, raise your
hand to speak.
Food and drink are
allowed in class as
long as there is no
mess and it does not
cause a disturbance.
Use classroom
supplies wisely so we
do not run out.
Classroom furniture Be careful with
classroom furniture.
So don’t write on
desks or leave a mess.
Cell phones
Cell phones are not to
be out during class at
iPods & other music iPods (etc.) can only
be used when the
teacher gives
Leaving the class
permission during
individual work time.
At the end of class,
remain quietly in your
seat until the bell
rings. Wait for
permission to pack up.
Be on time for class
and in your seat
before the bell rings.
(2 tardies in a week =
lunch detention)
Do your own
homework rather than
copying the internet or
a class-mate.
A class-room is a
professional place, so
there should be no
pushing or hitting
when entering.
During class, your
head should be up,
you should have a pen
or pencil and you
should be attentive.
Bring supplies to
class: a folder &
paper, or a 3-ring
binder, & a pen or
pencil. There will not
always be extras!
We will have
homework twice a
week. Do your best &
write down what your
homework is if you
tend to forget to do it.
What do I need to know about English 1-2 with Mrs. Gomez?
1. A three-ring binder with paper OR a folder and a notebook
 There will be a graded NOTEBOOK CHECK each quarter, so keep everything.
2. Pens and/or pencils
3. Optional: Homework assignment book. There will be homework twice a week. Writing down your
assignments will help you remember to do your homework.
Let me know if you can’t get supplies. I do have some extra supplies.
What do I do if I was absent?
If you are absent, I will put your work aside for you in the absent work folders, but it is your responsibility to
ask for your work.
If you missed a scheduled test or quiz during your absence be prepared to take it during class the day you
You need to make up any missing work before we finish the unit or the missing work will become a permanent
What if I need extra help?
I am available almost every day from 2 to 3 in my classroom. If you cannot come in after school, talk to me
about other optional times to get help. Email me any questions at bgomez@nthurston.k12.wa.us.
I am open to the option of you re-taking some assignments before the unit ends. Just ask me & we can discuss.
Dear Parent or Guardian:
I am pleased to have your student in my English 1-2 class this year. It is the North Thurston School
District’s policy to provide you with a list of books that may be used in the class. We may read some or all of
the books on the following list. The English teachers at NTHS fully endorse the following list, but we recognize
that you may have concerns with specific texts. If there are any books on this list that you would prefer your
student not read, or if there is a book on the list that you would like to read before making this decision, please
indicate that. Your student will be offered an alternate reading assignment if necessary. If you would like to
discuss any of these books with me, or to discuss any other matters, I encourage you to email me at
bgomez@nthurston.k12.wa.us or call the main office to be connected to my classroom phone.
Romeo & Juliet – The Odyssey – Night – To Kill a Mockingbird – Of Mice and Men
Please review the classroom rules and information on this sheet.
Please sign below by Monday, September 12th. Your student will receive a homework grade for turning
in this signed sheet.
Parent’s signature ________________________________________________________________________