Algebra 1B - Northern Bedford County School District

August 2015
Course Name: Algebra 1B
Mrs. J. Frederick/Mrs.P. Keifman
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Phone: 814-766-2221 ext 4210 or ext. 4110
Textbook: Algebra by Glencoe Mathematics.
Course Format: This course meets one period per day for the entire year, and carries one math credit upon
successful completion.
Course Description: Algebra 1B continues to ideas presented in Algebra 1A. Students will review the concepts:
real numbers, equations, expressions, probability and statistics, and linear functions. Students will learn new
concepts such as: inequalities, solving systems of linear equations, monomials, polynomials, and factoring.
Reasoning skills such as analyzing information, making conjectures, and giving convincing arguments are
developed throughout the course.
Course Requirements:
1. Participation: Students will fully participate in and contribute to class discussions and learning activities.
Students will receive a participation grade every term.
2. Homework: Students will complete all homework assignments and submit certain ones at the designated
time. LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE accepted for a grade; Zero points will be awarded. Any
student absent the day homework is assigned or the day the homework is collected will receive one day to
complete and hand in the assignment. If the student has extended absenteeism the student will need to see
the teacher for assignments and due dates.
3. Notebook: Students will keep and maintain a notebook throughout the year. Notebooks will be collected
every term for a grade. Notebooks are REQUIRED!!!
4. Textbooks: Students MUST keep textbooks covered the entire year. Spot book checks will be made
throughout the year for points.
5. Bell Ringers: Bell Ringers will be given every day. Students will complete the bell ringer on the sheet
provided and turn in completed bell ringers every two weeks. If students are absent, it is their
responsibility to get the bell ringers they missed.
6. Absenteeism: Students absent from class, for whatever reason, are to pick up a "Missed Slip" from the
folder for their class. On this slip will be the information for what was missed. Students are required to
make up any missed work. Students have one day to make up missed work (one day absent = one day to
make up, two days absent = two days to make up work and etc.).
7. Folders: Students tests will be kept in the classroom in a folder. This test folder could be shared with your
parents and administration, if asked for.
8. Calculators: are required for this course. Students may purchase their own. I only have a class set and they
are available on a first come first serve basis. You can purchase any brand at Wal-Mart or Target, etc. for
about $15-20. There are expensive ones out there, but they are not necessary for this course. If/when you
purchase your calculator make sure you place distinctive markings on it so if it gets misplaced it will be
known to be yours.
9. Laptops: Laptops are to remain OFF unless we are using them in class.
10. Pacing: Due to the amount of material that is to be covered for state testing (see curriculum map attached)
will require us to go at a faster pace. If you feel you are falling behind, get help immediately! Don't wait
until you are too far behind!!
11. Test/Quiz: Students will be required to complete all tests and quizzes in a 40 minute time period
12. Final Exam: All students will complete the Keystone Algebra 1 exam. This will be in place of a final
 Grades for each term will be a culmination of the students' scores on any of the following: Participation,
Notebooks, Bell Ringers, Book Checks, Homework (worksheets, textbook assignments, study island
assignments), Activities, Quizzes, and Tests.
 Bonus/Extra Credit is generally not given. Students who do the assigned work accurately will receive their
points. Every once and awhile a problem may be placed on a test, quiz or homework for bonus points.
 Grades are updated weekly. Please check the accuracy at anytime. Missed work from absences will be
entered in as zeros until the work is made up.
 The final grade is the average of the four terms.
Classroom Rules/Procedures:
 Students are to BE ON TIME: Students are to be in their seats and ready for class when the bell rings.
Three late appearances will result in a referral/detention and every time after will also result in
referrals/detentions. This is per nine weeks.
 Students are to BE PREPARED: Students are to have their materials (textbook, notebook, writing
utensil, calculator, and any assignments) when the bell rings. Any student not prepared will be subject to a
loss of points for that day. PENCILS are required on all TESTS/QUIZZES!!
 Students are to BE RESPECTFUL: Harassing behavior will NOT be tolerated. This includes name
calling, picking on, etc. Students are to also respect others belongings. Referrals will be given for
inappropriate behaviors and/or comments.
 Students are to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, THE FIRST TIME THEY ARE GIVEN: Precious time is
waster when directions have to be repeated.
 Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes cheating on homework assignments in and out of the
classroom, as well as on tests and quizzes. If anyone is caught cheating, action will be taken. An automatic
ZERO will be awarded on the activity will be given, notice will be sent home (call or letter) and a referral
for cheating will be handed in to the office. Both (or all) parties involved in cheating will bear the same
punishment, so don't give you work or receive someone else's work. If you do not understand something,
then you need to seek help from any math teacher available. We are available during ______________
periods. See one of us to set up a time to get help. Cheating only hurts your understanding, seek help don't cheat!
 Tests: There will be NO talking during a test/quiz. That means no talking before, during and after you
have completed your test. If you have finished and there is at least 1 person still taking their test, then there
will be NO talking. If you are caught talking, it will be thought of as cheating (see above). Once everyone
has finished with their test/quiz, then talking will be permitted.
Good luck and have a successful year!!
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