Prom dress re-design activity link

Apparel 2 Redesign prom or wedding
Look at and refer to the power point “Fit problems and solutions.”
You will be supplied with a prom gown or wedding dress.
You are to redesign it however you choose. Ideas: If it’s long, shorten it
or make it have a high front them low back hem, you could make it
steampunk, modernize it, retro it, add things to it, take out sleeves, add
lace see thru holes; the only limit is YOUR imagination BUT the dress must
have the professional finishes as described in the “Fit problems”
powerpoint. MAKE 2-5 Sketches BEFORE starting of your plan
Additionally, please don’t make the dress too scandalous.
Tie together a specific designer style that inspires your design.
If you all agree the class could vote on the best dress redesign.
The dress must look wonderful and professional as it will be sold at
reduced cost or donated to a young lady in need for the prom. We want
her to wear it proudly and feel gorgeous!!
If you need ANYTHING I will purchase for you, please let me know and
how much you need.
You will have 2 weeks to complete.
_________2-5 sketches of “plan for re-do” attached
________Seams ½ “
________No loose threads
________Zippers, hooks, etc. if added or changed look
________Silhouette looks natural to body
________Hems are parallel to floor
________No bulk in any areas
________Dress looks very different from the original
________Creative use of materials
_______ Serger used on raw edges.
________Worked productively on dress in class
___________/11 =___________(Project Grade)