12th December 2014 - Elmlea Junior School

Year 3 Homework
Friday 12th December 2014
Don’t forget to tell your parents your score from this week’s Times Table Olympics.
Times Tables Olympics Challenge. My result: ___ / 20
The next table(s) you will be practising is/are: ______________________________________
For parents:
A big thank-you to all our parents and carers who supported the children’s sandwich-making project.
Bringing in fresh food on time and helping in class resulted in an enjoyable and successful experience for
all. Please look at some of the photos on the “Latest News” section on the website.
For children:
Continue to read at home and complete your Reading Record. Remember to change your reading book
when needed.
For parents:
Thank you to all the parents who supported us during the autumn term. If there are any parents who would
like to volunteer to support, please speak to your class teacher during the first week of next term. We’ll
start sessions again on Monday 12th January 2015.
Talk to your parents or carers about our topic for terms 1 and 2 – the Tudors! Make sure you discuss:
 Lots of interesting facts that you have discovered about The Tudors.
 What you have particularly enjoyed doing and learning about during our topic work, and why.
 Pick your favourite Tudor fact and prepare to share it with the class in a creative way!
Christmas Production
For parents:
Our dress rehearsal to the school went brilliantly today and the children looked great in their costumes!
Thank you for your assistance and patience; you’ll see that it’s been worth it.
For children:
Have one more practice of your lines and song words over the weekend. We really want to impress our
families next week.
We are performing our play ‘Baboushka’ to parents on Monday afternoon at 2.00pm and Tuesday evening
at 6.30pm.
For the evening performance you need to come back into school at 6.00pm to give you plenty of time to
get changed and warm up!
You need to keep your costume in school until after the final performance.