Math Olympics - Prestonwood Christian Academy

Prestonwood Christian Academy is participating in the ACSI Math Olympics. This competition is open to
students in grades 3-8. Math Olympics is designed to give those students who love math an
opportunity to “stretch” their minds and to challenge them to go to the next level.
Below, you will find a sample of the objectives that each grade level is tested on in the area of
computation and the area of math reasoning.
Here’s how the Olympics work:
 Students who are interested in qualifying for the District Math Olympics competition during
week of November 12th prepare for a qualifying test held during the week of October 22nd.
Preparation for this test takes place primarily at home. The students meet weekly as a grade
level with a parent that will serve as a “coach” (if there is a parent volunteer). Parents and
coaches are given some resources to help them prepare their students for the test. You are
welcome to seek further resources that will help the students in their area of competition.
 The qualifying test determines those students in 3rd-8th grades that continue on to the District
competition. A total of 6 students from each grade level qualify – 3 in the area of Computation
and 3 in the area of Reasoning. The student may compete in only one of the categories:
Computation or Reasoning.
 The District competition is held during the week of November 12th here at PCA.
 Interested students should have parents complete the online registration (see instructions
below) beginning Monday, September 10. Registration ends on Friday, September 21st.
When reviewing the math concepts for each grade level to determine if this competition is something
your student is interested in, please keep in mind that Math Olympics is purposefully designed to test
students in concepts that are above their grade level. It is our goal school-wide to provide
opportunities to challenge our students, both in and outside of the classroom. Please prayerfully
consider your child’s participation; our children have many activities that pull them in many directions.
We would not want students to feel stressed or pressured by taking on an extra activity.
According to ACSI rules, PCA is required to provide volunteers for the Regional competition. Therefore,
if your student advances to the Regional competition, at least one parent is required to participate as a
volunteer. The Regional competition is held on Friday, February 22 at Prestonwood Christian Academy.
To register go to the PCA website at, and then select your student’s
division (Lower School or Middle School) > Programs/Competitions > Competitions > ASCI Math
Competition, and complete the online registration form. Please complete the online registration
process by Friday, September 21st.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Denise Hunter via email or 972-930-4015.