Post Responsible To:
(Please attach an organisational chart)
Job Purpose:
Working as part of a team the post-holder will provide technical support to staff students and senior
colleagues for the research activities of the project.
Principal Accountabilities (Responsibilities):
% Time
According to specific instructions, prepare and organise the laboratory to meet the
requirements of teaching / research agenda. Ensuring at all times that the work
environment is maintained to the standard required to deliver the appropriate level of
services to all those who use the facilities.
According to specific instructions, carry out or demonstrate to student’s specific
experiments / demonstrations using materials provided by project leads or academics.
Operate a range of specialist equipment (with training) adhering to the relevant COSHH
regulations and safety standards affecting self and others at all times.
To assist after instruction with routine data recording and input to a computer database.
To assist in the training of students and visiting workers in key laboratory techniques.
To help maintain laboratory equipment (one laboratory)
To assist with ordering and maintenance of appropriate stock levels to ensure co-workers
can carry out their work without interruption.
To monitor level of stocks and stores and re-ordering within pre-determined budgetary
constraints and procedures and following set procedures relating to purchasing of supplies
Resources Managed / Facts and Figures:
Under instruction to assist with the maintenance of one laboratory. Equipment in the laboratory has an
approximate value of £100K.
The laboratory usually has 6-8 member’s including 2-4 postdoctoral scientists, 2-3 PhD students, 1-2
masters students and 1-2 technicians. There are also 1-2 visitors at any one time that may be
undergraduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral scientists.
June 2007
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Internal and External Relationships:
To receive instruction and work in close contact with line manager to plan and deliver specific tasks on a
daily basis.
To assist in the technical training of undergraduate, postgraduate students and visiting workers in key
laboratory techniques and use of equipment on an adhoc basis (approximately once a month).
Attending group meetings in order to ensure up to date knowledge of the work of the group
(approximately once a month).
Planning and Organising:
Clarify daily work requirement with line manager to identify and resolve any immediate problems, and
refer the most complex to a more senior person.
Under instruction, ordering supplies and equipment to meet the requirements of the research to ensure
stock levels are available
Planning own workload in conjunction with the requirements of the project to ensure that all uses of the
laboratory receive the support they require
Perform activities to appropriate time and quality requirements, following established procedures.
Plan and prioritise own work for the week or weeks ahead to deliver scheduled services.
Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience (Indicate which are essential and which are desirable):
Minimum Requirements for Technical & Experimental Family Level 4:
Some prior technical work experience.
NVQ 3 or equivalent.
General education to A level standard.
Understanding of a range of equipment.
Familiarity with a range of software packages including bespoke and specialist programmes.
Additional Requirements for Job:
Some prior technical work experience
Knowledge of good laboratory practice and laboratory safety issues
(*Criteria to be used to shortlist candidates for interview)
Skills, Abilities and Competencies (Indicate which are essential and which are desirable):
Minimum Requirements for Technical & Experimental Family Level 4:
Courteous and effective exchange of technical information.
A good working knowledge of health and safety regulations.
Additional Requirements for Job:
Ability to initiate and develop professional relationships within the group and department
Good oral and written communication skills
Ability to plan own laboratory and other activities to agreed deadlines
Good inter-personal skills.
Ability to work independently and interact well with team members and contacts internal and
external to the University.
(*Criteria to be used to shortlist candidates for interview)
June 2007
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Additional Information:
Job Holder*: ………………………………….……………………..
Date: ……………………………
Line Manager: ………………………..……………………............
Date: ……………………………
* Only for instances when a job is being changed in consultation with the existing post holder.
June 2007
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