Castles through history…

Castles huge and castles small,
Some with battlements and city wall.
Some so old they cannot be found,
Just a pile of stones lying on the ground!
Castles through history,
Real or imaginary,
Castles through history,
Each telling a story.
Some have turrets to the sky,
Some have stairs winding up so high,
Some were the home of a queen or king,
Protecting lots of people during years of fighting.
Castles through history…
Tales of prisoners in the dungeons,
Princes, princesses, knights and dragons,
Full of bravery and courage,
Protected by a portcullis and a drawbridge.
Castles through history…
Some were built many centuries ago,
And still stand firm in the rain and snow,
Built on hills so proud and tall,
Telling tales of history for us all.
Castles through history…
©Sarah Baker 2012
Twitter: @bakertunes
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