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Sully School
Castles and
Autumn Term 2013
Curriculum Newsletter Year 4 Topic- Castles and Dragons
Guided reading
VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation)
Big Write
Reference work
Myths, legends and folk tales. Poetry – different styles and techniques.
Non-fiction texts associated with our topic.
Welsh – sentence patterns, vocabulary and reading through the topics of Yr
Ysgol (School) and Bwyd (food).
Revise 4 rules of number (-+x÷)
Multiplication and deriving division facts
Using and applying number skills in everyday situations
Aspects of shape, space and data
Big Maths
This project has a history focus and teaches children about aspects of the
middle ages of Welsh history between 1063 and 1283. In this project
children will learn:
 How to use a range of historical source materials to find out information
about the past;
 How to order things chronologically;
 About significant Welsh figures that shaped this period of history;
 About the castles of Wales;
 About cultural identity of Wales;
 About the features of myths and legends and how to write one of their
 How to use a range of mathematical, technological and artistic skills to
create artefacts ands models on an historical theme.
Knights’ Training Camp – athletic skills.
Dance – Creating a group piece using stimuli from the topic.
Throughout this topic the skills of communication, thinking, number, ICT and bilingualism will be
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