Biography Assignment

Biography Assignment
Checkout a biography from our library or bring one from home or another
library for me to approve for this assignment.
As you read the biography you chose, complete the attached Biography
Framework sheet.
After completing the Biography Framework sheet, choose five items that
best represent your person. Be creative. Complete your Verification
sheet for the five items.
Both completed sheets and the five items in the bag are due May 9th.
I will copy both sheets and give you copies while I grade the originals so
that you can practice for your oral presentation.
You will present an oral report to your classmates, sharing facts that you
learned as well as sharing the items you chose and why you chose them.
Below you will find the rubric I will use to grade this 60% weighted
Biography Rubric
Biography Framework
Birth date/Birthplace
Death date/Place of death (if deceased)
(if not deceased, current state/country)
Early Influences (three events)
Education (including its role or significance)
Major accomplishments (including dates)
Contemporaries (at least three)
Verification for Five Items
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Grammar and Spelling
Total points possible