Biography Book Report Requirements

Biography Book Report Requirements
Mrs. Dumler’s 5th grade class
Name: _________________________
Today’s Date: ___________
For this book report, there will be a written part and a visual part.
The reading of your biography, and the written part of your report
should be completed at home. This is HOMEWORK. You will, however,
be given time at school to work on the visual presentation— although
you may want to get started or “polish” your presentation at home.
Written Book Report:
Due Date: ________ (You’ll want to have it done by then, but you can keep it to do your visual
Use this packet for the written part. This will help you organize the facts
you have learned from reading your biography.
Be sure to write neatly, and use complete sentences. This packet can be
your “final draft”. However, you are encouraged to word process your
Visual Book Report:
Due Date: _________ (You’ll present sometime this week.
You’ll hand in your written report at
this time.)
You will create a project on Google Presentation. Use the information
from your written work to create your visual project. You don’t have to
include every fact, but be sure to include at least 5 interesting, detailed
facts about your person (so, 7-10 slides total).
Remember to use the lessons you’ve had in class about pulling in
pictures/ illustrations, research facts (and proper citations) using the
research tool on Google Presentation, as well as the creative
components (transitions, music, styles, etc.) to make it visually pleasing.