Personal Statement - Personal Finance Portfolio

Kyle Scheper
Block 1
Personal Statement
My intended financial goals are to live a comfortable life. I want to have enough money to buy a
nice house, a nice car, and a motorcycle as well as supporting a wife and kids. After high school, I will be
responsible with my money and put it in an account with high interest. I will pay off my credit cards on
time and in full, and I will make sure to compare insurances before buying a car. I will also take care of
my credit and pay my loans off on time. Finally, I will keep a close eye out for identity thieves.
I will be careful with my money after high school. I will put it in a savings account with high
interest so it will accrue faster. I will make sound investments. I will not carry more than $10 cash with
me at any time. I will only take enough money to buy what I need to avoid impulsive purchases. I will
also compare offers in different stores to get the best price. Finally, I will not be irresponsible with my
loans and credit cards to keep myself from getting charged with unexpected costs.
I have learned many useful things in class. Buying a car is one of them. I learned that it can be
very helpful to calculate the total costs of the car before buying it to see if you can really afford it. Also I
also found that learning how to write and cash checks was useful. Finally, I found that it was useful to
learn how to buy a house.