Marketing Winter Semester 2013/2014 Students will acquire the

Winter Semester 2013/2014
Students will acquire the knowledge in basics of marketing and skills needed to create basic
marketing decisions. Seminars designed to encourage students to present their views on issues that
are familiar to lectures.
1 The status and importance of marketing in the company's development
Establishment of a fictional or real organization is a prerequisite for the application of theoretical
knowledge into practice.
2 The essence of the marketing concept
Analyze the needs and desires of a customer, select your organization's marketing philosophy.
3 Strategic planning and marketing management
The nature of your organization's mission and core values on which the company is based. Identify at
business objectives and create a BCG matrix describe and explain the location of individual products.
4 Importance of Marketing Planning
Suggest a specific marketing plan for your chosen problem.
5 Marketing environment
The nature of the micro and macro environment of your organization and further analyze their
individual components.
6 Marketing information system and marketing research
Explain the need for information, describe the sources of secondary data and select one of the
methods for collecting primary data and further describe the method of application method chosen
for a particular example.
7 Buying behavior of consumers and organizations
Choose one group of factors affecting consumer behavior and describe its impact on the buying
behavior of consumers in the event that your company operates in the market organizations follow
the same procedure when selecting factors on the buying behavior of organizations.
8 Market segmentation, selection of target groups and the creation of market position
Explain the need for segmentation in your organization and describe in detail primary target
customer groups within a company.
9 Marketing mix and extended marketing mix
Analyze the possibilities of marketing mix (4P), in the case of services, consider the extended
marketing mix.
10th Product as a tool of marketing mix
Describe the different levels of this product and suggest the possibility of extending the product.
11th Price and price strategy firm
Develop an analysis of competition in relation to selected products and on that basis suggest a
pricing strategy for the product of your organization.
12th Distribution channels and physical distribution
Describe the possibilities of using conventional distribution channel and one of the vertical marketing
systems for a specific example of your organization.
13th Marketing communications and marketing communications mix
Create a draft of print ads, including setting a target of communication, target audience, media
selection and reference that you want to communicate with the target audience.
14th International Marketing
Explain that the foreign market is the most attractive for your organization, and which is the least
appealing. Explain why.
Required and recommended reading:
Philip Kotler; Gary Armstrong. Marketing. 6th edition, 2004
material provided in lectures
Marketing Science and Inspirations magazine