newspaper article summary

Directions: Please choose an article from (Articles tab) that has some
relevance to you current or future life. Answer the following questions using Microsoft
Word or directly onto a Google Document. Call the document Newspaper Article
Summary Firstname Lastname.
1. Provide the following information:
title of the article
author of the article
date of the article
2. The Article Summary should be in your own words. There should be no
copying/pasting, and it should bear no resemblance to anyone else’s summary.
3. Provide a ½ page summary (double-spaced) of the article.
4. In a separate paragraph, provide an opinion on whether or not you agree with the
article and why.
5. Explain how the article financially affects your life.
6. Your finished responses should be proofread and be AT LEAST one full page in
length. It should be organized, and free from spelling, grammar or punctuation
7. Make sure you put a heading on the page (NEWSPAPER ARTICLE
SUMMARY) as well as your name, today’s date, and period.
8. Submit to your Google Drive shared folder. Due at the end of the class period.