Justin Mason Fall 2014 Sociology Cordova High School Current

Justin Mason
Fall 2014
Cordova High School
Current Events
Every week, except for finals and weeks off you are to do a current event on an international
event or a major event happening within the United States. This will be handed in on every Thursday
each week throughout the school year. This is to help you keep up with current affairs that could be used
in your AP class or even on the exam dealing with modern times. You are to follow these steps to obtain
full credit for each of the events you hand in.
1. You are to pick an article from a newspaper or on line news source. You cannot pick something
from a made up or phony news source.
2. It must be the entire article, not a news brief.
3. You must include on the BACK of your summary the web address if you read it off line.
4. If you have a newspaper article, you must cut out the article and staple it to the BACK of your
5. After reading the article you are to write a full page summary of what you read. Full credit will
only be given for full page summaries (this does not include extra wide writing or not filling in
the entire line).
6. You are to summarize the article explaining it in 2 to 3 paragraphs, including important names,
places or events.
7. Then you are to write a paragraph on what you have learned from the article and what you think
of what you read.
8. Each week the current event is worth 50 points, there are no late current events allowed or to
write it in class. They are to be done before Thursday; if you are absent you must have an
excused absence to get credit for that event.
If you do not know what to write these are the questions you can answer:
Who is it about?
What is it about?
Where does it happen?
How does it affect the place/the world?
When did it happen?
Why did it happen?