New Deal Final Project

New Deal ‘Alphabet Soup’ Project
President Roosevelt’s New Deal can be marked as one of those pivotal points in American History.
Before, we had a government that was hardly involved in the everyday lives of its citizens. Afterwards,
we had a government that was attempting to take an active role in promoting the general welfare of its
Your job is to assume the role of a newspaper editor, and create a front page of a newspaper that
accurately represents the goals, objectives, and success of a variety of New Deal programs.
Works Progress Administration
Civilian Conservation Corps
Tennessee Valley Authority
Social Security Administration
Civil Works Administration
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations (FDIC)
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Rural Electrification Administration
Wagner Act
Public Works Administration
National Industrial Recovery Act
Federal Emergency Relief Act
Agricultural Adjustment Act
National Youth Administration
Federal Housing Authority
Home Owners Loan Corporation
Federal (Art, Music, Theatre, Writers) Project
WPA mural for Fitzsimmons Hospital
Your front page newspaper must include the following:
 Title of paper, and date
 Main headline relating to one of the above programs
 One article on the causes of the depression
 One article on the struggle of regular Americans during the
 2 stories on New Deal programs
o This includes why it was created, what it was intended to do?
o How successful, if at all, it has been?
o Why or why not it has been successful?
o Facts, Incidents, Reasons, Examples/Evidence/Supprot
 Minimum two hand drawn pieces of New Deal art or photography
that relate to the your stories, with describing captions
 Each story will be assessed on the “Using and Citing Evidence” rubric