Writing Assignment 1 Rubric

a. Thesis: the brain needs downtime (0.5 pt)
b. Supporting points: (0.5 pt per item - 1.5 pt total in this section)
I would expect that most students will not have gleaned all these points
from the paper, so any three of these will suffice.
i. The brain is still at work even during rest
ii. Processes events
iii. Consolidates recently learned data
iv. Regular, daily periods of downtime are important
v. Naps are important
vi. Improved concentration and attention
Studies (2.5 pts per study – 12.5 pts total in this section)
The paper should cover 5 of the studies below, stating the hypothesis of the
study (1 pt), the methods used to test the hypothesis (0.5 pt, and the
results/conclusions drawn from the study (1 pt)
a. Ap Dijksterhius: car study
b. Gabrielle Girardeau: rat and maze study
c. Nikolai Axmacher: epilepsy patients’ study
d. Chris Miall: joystick study
e. Leslie Perlow: work habits of employees at the Boston Consulting Group
f. Rebecca Smith-Coggins: physicians and nurses study
g. Amber Brooks/Leon Lack: length of nap study
h. Marc Berman: Controlled ecopsychology study with University of
Michigan students
i. Sara van Leeuwen: 2009 meditation experience study
j. Heleen Slagter: 2007 meditaiton study
k. Richard Chambers: 2007 meditaiton study
Conclusion (0.5 pt)
a. Basically, just a recapitulation of what was covered in the essay.
Total points: 15 points
Remaining 5 points: Assigned by me – 1 point for thoroughly/accurately grading the
introduction and conclusion, 2 points for thoroughly/accurately grading the studies
section, plus 1 point for helpful comments in regards to grammar, structure of the report,
wording, etc… Don’t be intimidated by this section. I’m basically looking to see that you
put some effort into the grading and were as accurate as possible given the rubric and
your knowledge.
General notes: Try to give partial credit – if the student has half of what was asked for,
give them half the points. So giving half points is ok and good. Don’t give quarter points,