Close Reading - Marshall Public Schools

The answers you get from reading
depend upon the questions you pose.
-Margaret Atwood
What is Close Reading?
“ Essentially, close reading means reading to
uncover layers of meaning that lead to deep
Nancy Boyles, Educational Leadership December 2012/January 2013
“…students must grapple with works of exceptional
craft and thought whose range extends across genres,
cultures, and centuries.”
Note on Range and Content, CCSS, page 35
Close Reading Requires:
Creating a safe environment where students feel free to discuss their
understanding-or lack of understanding.
Understanding your purpose in reading
Understanding the author’s purpose in writing
Looking for and understanding systems of meaning
Engaging in a text while reading
Formulating questions and seeking answers to those questions while
Close Read Process
Introduction of text with minimal commentary
1. Cold Read with Purpose
(star an idea you want to discuss and ? An idea you don’t understand.)
2. Read aloud (Stopping often for discussion and clarification)
3. Paraphrase a section of the article that includes key ideas.
A. Shoulder partner discussion.
B. Discuss differences and similarities together in class.
4. Text dependant questions
5. Identify important and/or unfamiliar vocabulary. Discuss meaning of
vocabulary how it is used in the text.
Questions to Spark Interest Video
Time frame
Close reading can be done in a shortened format,
however time needs to be set aside for an in-depth
close read at least once or twice a month.
It is not uncommon for a close read to take more
than one class period.
Close reading is a process to teach our students
how to “dig deeper”-think about their thinking.
How do we grade/assess this?
Close reading is a process used to teach students to
read text for deeper meaning. Therefore, grading
a close read is not always necessary. If teachers
feel that grading needs to take place, participation
and completion would be the acceptable form of
In Closing…
Close reading does not change what you teach. It
changes how you teach subject matter. Through reading,
information will presented and learned more in-depth.
Close reading should be done in all subject areas at all
levels because when students are taught to think
independently about text meaning, they will be successful
academically and college and career ready.