Typical Specifications

Typical Specification
Typical Specification for Lochinvar-TiSun® Solar Pump Stations
Models SPS0250, SPS0500 & SPS1000
The Pump Station shall be a LOCHINVAR Model SPS_________ solar pump station. The
Pump Station shall be UL listed.
The Pump Station shall be a packaged assembly featuring the components to provide adequate
flow through a solar water heating system. The system will feature a Grundfos variable speed
circulation pump. If the variable speed is utilized the solar differential control will adjust the
speed to achieve the highest temperature between the collector and the tank. The pump shall
also include a constant flow feature to operate the pump at a steady speed.
The Pump Station shall have a graphical LED control interface with backlight. The control
shall be preprogrammed to control up to eight different system configurations. The control
shall include two collector sensors and two tank sensors as standard equipment. The control
shall have 3 outputs, two of which will be for pump speed regulation via a Pulse Width
Modulation (PWM) signal. The control shall monitor the collector, the storage tank and other
such points in the solar piping loop to provide adequate information to control the system. The
control shall operation one or more pumps to maintain proper flow at the highest potential heat
transfer rate. The control shall provide data logging with an SD card. The control shall have
Btu/hr metering.
The Pump Station shall have a Supply/Return Multi-Function Valve with Thermometer and
Check Valve. One Thermometer will be mounted in the return line and the second
Thermometer will be mounted in the supply line to provide differential temperature readout.
The Pump Station shall have a 145 psi relief valve and Pressure gauge. The Pump Station
shall have Fill and Flush Valves with manual Shut-Off. The Pump Station shall be enclosed
with a two piece EPP insulation shell for noise reduction and heat retention.
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