Energy Experimental Kit Renewable Energy

Energy Experimental Kit
Renewable Energy
 Matt black versus glossy white
 Updraft power station
 Solar radiation concentrated
 Wind and resistance
 Lift in the airflow
 From airfoil to wind turbine
 Assembling the wind-electric power station
 The optimal pitch
 Large number of blades – small number of turns
 Testing other blades
 From stand-alone turbine to wind farm
 Voltage from the solar module
 Current from the module
 The solar module does work
 Modules like it cool
 Solar modules are weather-sensitive
 Power from the waterwheel
 From the waterwheel to the water turbine
 Current from the hydroelectric power station
Oil & Gas
 Gas drives water out
 Gas from liquid and solid
 Gas pressure drives oil out of the ground
 Strong suction apparatus
 Deep pump like in the oilfield
 Water can transmit force
 Raising oil with water
 A force that pulls toward the outside
 The centrifugal pump’s trick
 How much force does the pump have?
 Using a water column as a pressure gauge
 Corners use up force
 Problems with the long line
 The narrower the faster
 Troublesome gas
 Viscosity’s effect
 The pump has to struggle
 Protection against temperature changes
 Gas under pressure
 Captive pressurized air
 Electronic alarm circuit
 Electronic gas pressure control
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Energy Experimental Kit
 A power plant in trouble
 A simple circuit and the direction of
the current
 How is heat generated?
 Circular distribution
 Two power plants
 The solar cell as power plant
 The hand generator as power plant
 Caution, reflux!
 The electrical reflux valve
 Two houses – one short circuit
 An overload network
 Light is something you have to work
 Heat’s wanderings
 Heated air expands
 Lots of work – plenty of power!
 Making steam
 Alternating current by hand I
 Binding carbon dioxide
 The changeover switch
 Alternating current by hand II
 Line loss – direct current
 Parallel or in series
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