Unit 1 Prehistory Study Guide

Unit 1 Prehistory Study Guide
Vocabulary: Prehistory, Paleolithic, Neolithic, nomadic, sedentary, ALL hominids, Ice Age, domestication,
specialization, surplus, artifact, evolution, sympathetic magic, hearth, hinterland, diffusion, migration, Venus figures,
land bridges, frontal lobe, culture, obsidian, geographic determination, cereal grains, agriculture, agriculture, religion,
slash-and-burn farming, clan, animism
People: Thomas Malthus, Ezra Boserup, Carl Saur, Leaky family, Ardi & Lucy, Jared Diamond, Bantu people, Nok culture
Places: Olduvai Gorge, Jarmo, Jericho, Catal Huyuk, Djenne-Djeno
You should
be able to: Compare and contrast Catal Huyuk and Jericho.
Compare and contrast the hunting-gathering lifestyle of the Paleolithic Era to the
sedentary lifestyle of the Neolithic Era; include advantages and disadvantages.
Compare and contrast the theories of Thomas Malthus and Ezra Boserup and explain
which theory is more valid.
Discuss the “Big 4” effects of agriculture and explain which had the biggest worldwide
Page numbers in textbook: 1-25 and 210-224