Super Sleuth Review-prehistory key

Super Sleuth Review
Directions: Use your archaeology, migration, Paleolithic and Neolithic material to answer the
following questions to review for your Prehistory test.
1. The most important
difference between the
Paleolithic and Neolithic Age is
the change in which people
got food-changed from hunters
and gatherers to farmers and
5. What was the name given
to the type of building style
started in Neolithic Age?
Post-and-lintel construction
9. Name four of the major
occupations people had during
the Neolithic Age.
Farmers, weavers, metal
workers and pottery makers
13. One of the earliest
artifacts used to decode
hieroglyphic writing is the
Rosetta Stone
2. The term homo sapiens
means man who thinks.
3. Specialization was the
result of surplus food
4. The first humans on earth
probably lived in _Africa.
6. Which group of humans
were known for their skillful
toolmaking? Cro-Magnons
7. An area of land used for
hunting is called a home
10. The village chief had other
roles in Neolithic times, what
were they?
Priest and judge
11. The earliest known
villages were found in SW Asia
8. What is the name of the
land bridge that early humans
used to cross into the
Americas? Beringia
12. The radio-active element
that gradually disappears after
a living thing dies is called
Carbon 14
17. Name several types of
shelters used by humans
during the Paleolithic Age.
Caves, mammoth rib bone
shelters, tents, rocky
18. What are two things that
archaeologists use to study
Fossils and artifacts
14. An archaeologist is a lot
like a Detective
Name one:_Jericho, CatalHuyuk
15. Why do archaeologist
choose excavation sites near
riverbeds and streams?
Because early villages would
have been built close to a
fresh water source
19. Archaeologist must design
a _grid before they start to
16. Name an artifact.
Pottery, arrowheads, tools,
weapons, cloth, etc.
Anything man-made
20. What substance was used
to keep fires light in damp
conditions pine resin
* Choose one important discovery or development made by prehistoric people. Explain how this
discovery or development occurred, how it improved their lives and how life today would be different
without it. Write this in paragraph form (6 sentences or more) on the back of this sheet.