The Significance of New France

The Significance of New France.
 The colony of France lasted until 1763. It ended when the treaty of Paris
ended the seven years war between France Britain and Spain.
 The First Nations peoples did not believe anyone could own land because
the creator or Great Spirit had given them the land as a gift to allow the
people to survive.
 No one could buy or sell the land because people were its spiritual
guardians not owners and that they must respect the land and use it wisely.
 The French missionaries wanted the first Nations people to provide them
with what they need.
 The missionaries wanted the first Nations peoples to get fur for them for
trading use, and personal use and survival.
 They also wanted the First Nations peoples to get involved with war and
take the sides of foreign origin.
 Although New France was eventually defeated and captured by the British,
they established a French speaking and Roman Catholic population in North
 Today most of Quebec’s population still speaks French and is Roman
 New France had a permanent effect on North America even though it has
been gone for about 250 years its effects are still with us. This is the reason
historians study it with such interest.