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Soil pollution
One of our main problems is soil pollution, because there can be catastrophic
consequences of it in relation to humans, animals, water and soils. Our green planet is more
and more polluted and we can only blame ourselves for this.
Creating too many rubbish causes serious problems, because chemicals from it can
contaminate the soil and eventually the groundwater. It should not happen, because some
parts of the rubbish could be recycled. Let’s produce less rubbish.
The greatest prevention to soil pollution is in the three ‘R's’: Reduce waste, Reuse
things and Recycle things.
 We should not buy unnecessary products, so we should write a shopping list
before we go shopping, in this way we can reduce waste.
 We should not use napkin, paper towel, or plastic bottle.
 We should reuse everything that we can: clothing, bottles, wrapping paper,
shopping bags, etc.
 We should look out for fertilizer or pesticide free products on the market, and
we should buy products that have little packaging.
 We should separate garbage into organic, reusable and recyclable waste and
reuse and recycle things as many times as possible.
 We should be sure, that harmful waste (e.g. batteries) will be properly
 We should start a compost heap at home and at school as well. The compost
could be used for fertilizer.
Created by Kiss Boglárka (class 7.b) and Bakos Alexandra (class 8.a)
Hungarian Baptist Aid’s Kölcsey Ferenc Primary School,
Törökszentmiklós, Hungary