Mississippi Flood of 2011

Mississippi Flood of 2011
Environmental Impact
Remember, environmental science is a interdisciplinary science. For this assignment,
you will research the impacts the floods are having on multiple aspects of the
environment. If there is something that you are very interested in learning about, let me
know so that I can adjust your assignment.
Describe (and provide actual information about):
Soil conservation: What is going to be affected?
Water management: What is happening with water supply? Diversion?
Pollution (water, sewage, soil, debris etc): What is the anticipated pollution in towns and in
homes? What will be required to reverse this pollution? Be specific and include cost.
Ecosystems, habitats, population density: Wild life (at least 2 species) and humans
Farming: What types and where are they affected?
Transportation (land, water) How are they affected? How does this impact your transportation?
Local economy: What jobs are directly affected? Indirectly affected? Be specific and provide
multiple examples.
National economy: What will the economic impact be nationally? Why do you predict this?
How will this crisis directly impact you and your summer plans?
This project is due on Thursday, 19 May 11. If you are absent, please email it to me. 