Pollution and Conservation Vocabulary

Pollution and Conservation Study Guide
Know these vocabulary words
natural resource – a material that is found in nature and that is used by
living things
renewable resource – a resource that can be replaced quickly
nonrenewable resource – a resource that, when it is used up, will not exist
again during a human lifetime
pollution – harmful material that is added to the environment
conservation – the saving of resources by using them wisely
reduce – to use less of a resource
reuse – to use a resource again and again
recycle – to reuse a resource by breaking it down and making a new product
Be able to answer the following questions: Use your science book
chapter 8.
What type of resource is a tree?
What type of resource is gasoline?
Name a way to cut down on pollution.
Planting trees is an example of what?
Name at least 3 materials that can be recycled.
What type of runoff can pollute water?
Why is it more important to conserve water in the desert than in
an environment with a lake?
8. Describe the sequence in which a soda bottle is recycled.
9. Why is it important to protect renewable resources?
10. Why is it important to reduce the use of nonrenewable
11. Explain how water can be reused.