12th Grade English

12th Grade English
Pisgah High School
60 Metcalf St.
Teacher: A. Paschal
E-mail: [email protected]
Room: 115
Course Description
A survey of British literature in which students will write responses to literary selections, participate in class
discussions, make speeches, edit the work of peers, and conduct research. Students will become more proficient
readers and gain a deeper understanding of British literature.
Course Objectives
1. Compare organizational structure and analyze literary devices in British literature and other
nonfiction literature.
2. Read with comprehension a variety of information and functional reading materials.
3. Compare writing styles of two or more British authors.
4. Determine word meaning in twentieth and twenty-first century American literature using word
structure and context clues.
5. Edit writings, including student papers, for correct grammar usage.
6. Write for a variety of purposes including critical essays on literary topics, college application essays,
résumé cover letters, and résumés.
7. Use the research process to manage, document, organize, and present information to support a
thesis on a literary topic.
8. Critique visual communication for effectiveness.
9. Evaluate oral presentation skills of self and others for effectiveness.
10. Analyze non-print media for use of propaganda.
Classroom Expectations
Come to class prepared with required materials.
Actively participate in class discussions and activities.
Turn all assignments in on or before the due date.
Respect all teachers and classmates.
If absent, inquire about missed assignments the following day.
Classroom Rules
1. Rude and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
2. No sleeping in class!
3. No talking when I am giving instruction or another student has permission to talk.
Classroom Procedures
1. Students will be seated before the tardy bell rings. As soon as the tardy bell rings, five minutes will
be allotted to complete the bell ringer activity.
2. Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom for ANY reason. Students should use the
restroom in between classes. If you are sick, please notify me before class begins.
3. Students will not leave the classroom until dismissed by the teacher.
Tardy and Attendance Policy
As a teacher in the Jackson County School system, I abide by all rules in the handbook regarding tardy and absence
policies. If a student is not in their assigned seat when the tardy bell rings, they will be required to present a tardy
slip from the office to enter class.
Make Up Work
Make up work for an excused absence must be completed within five days of the absence. It is the student’s
responsibility to collect make up work from the teacher. If the student misses a test, he or she may schedule a
time to make up the test as soon as possible.
Grading Policy
Students will be graded on a points system. Assignments turned in late will be docked 10 points each day.
Assignments will be assessed as follows:
1. Tests (40 %) – Points Value: Each test will be worth 100 points. Students will be notified days
before each test is given.
2. Class Work (10%) – Points Value: Each assignment will be worth 5, 10, or 20 points depending on
3. Homework (10%) – Points Value: 10 or 20 points depending on assignment. Homework will only
be given on a weekly basis!
4. Quizzes (15%) – Points Value: 25 or 50 points. Students may not be notified in advance, but
students should be prepared if they read required material and pay attention in class.
5. Notebook (15%) – Points Value: 50 or 100 points. Students are required to keep an English
notebook with the following dividers: Notes/Handouts, Class/Homework, Quizzes /Tests. The
course syllabus should be in the very front of the notebook. I will check your notebook 3 times
during the semester.
6. Projects & Research Paper (10%) – Points Value: 100-200 points depending on assignment.
The final grade for the course is based in the two nine week’s grades and the semester exam. The semester grade
counts 80% while the semester exam counts 20% of the final score.
Grading Scale
A (90-100)
B (80-89)
C (70-79)
D (60-69)
F (below 60)
Materials and Supplies
Three-ring binder for English notebook
3 dividers or tabs (Students may purchase or make these dividers)
Pens or Pencils (blue or black ink only)
Composition Book
Flash Drive (optional)
Students may bring their laptops to school with them to complete their assignments. However, they will not be
allowed to use them on every assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with their laptop.
Academic Dishonesty
Students caught cheating will be referred to the appropriate administrator and will be given an alternate assignment.
Discipline Procedures
Students will be made aware of all classroom rules and procedures within the first days of class and are expected to
follow them at all times. The rules and regulations will be in effect while in class, at school, and during school
related events that may occur off campus. Violation of the rules and other disruptions will be addressed as follows:
- First offense: Instructor/Student conference
- Second offense: Student reprimanded according to violation
o Extra work assignments
o Loss of break privileges
Third offense: Teacher/Administrator/Student conference
ALL rules and regulations set forth by the Jackson County Board of Education will be followed in this
I have read and understand the expectations in this class. I agree to adhere to these policies as outlined. If
I have any questions, I may call (256)451-3241 and make an appointment before or after school to speak
with Mrs. Paschal about my concerns. This copy must be signed and return to Mrs. Paschal. Each student
will receive a copy to keep in their English notebook.
Student’s Name
Parent’s Name
Student’s Signature
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