Parent-St-Teacher–online reg. letter

Pitt Meadows Secondary School
Principal: Mr. Mike Keenan
Vice Principal: Mrs. Cheryl Schwarz
19438–116B Avenue Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1G1
Tel: 604-465-7141 Fax: 604-465-6274
Information for Parents/Guardians
Student Led Conferences
Thursday, October 22 (2:00-4:30 and 5:30-8:00pm)
Hello Parents and Guardians:
Our student led conferences for term 1 will take place on Thursday, October 22. Classes
are not in session on that day. Students are expected to accompany their parents to meet
with teachers and participate in the conversation.
We have an online booking system for the conferences. The link for conference sign up
will be posted on our school website ( on Tuesday, October 13. You will be
able to read a step-by-step sign up process in order to arrange to see teachers once you
click on the link. Please keep in mind that each conference is 5 minutes in length and
closely timed. We encourage grade 8 parents to sign up for 2 blocks of back to back time
with your child’s ‘core’ teacher as they have that teacher for 2 subject areas. (Grade 8
math/science and English/Social Studies). It is imperative that parents honour each
student’s appointment time by allowing some time in between meetings, as you will need
some time to move from teacher to teacher. There may be some times available for walk
in sign up on the day but there are no guarantees. We strongly encourage you to sign up in
Please keep in mind that you may not be able to see every teacher on your list and that you
are encouraged to arrange more in-depth conferences on a different day. Please feel free
to email us if you have any questions or contact your child’s teacher.
C. Schwarz, Vice-Principal
[email protected]