[Today’s Date] [Your Supervisor’s First Name] [Your School or District’s Name]

[Today’s Date]
Dear [Your Supervisor’s First Name],
In order to ensure that I am providing [Your School or District’s Name] and our students with
the most up-to-date, evidence-based psychological services, I would like to attend the National
Association of School Psychologists 2016 Summer Conferences, taking place [July 11–13 in
Denver, CO or July 25–27 in Bethesda, MD or both].
The summer conferences are an important opportunity for me to get professional development
designed specifically for school psychologists. They offer intensive, hands-on training that will give
me the most current tools and strategies to use when helping our students and families.
By attending, I will be able to:
 attend sessions that will help me address issues that our district is facing,
 learn strategies and techniques that will give me a new approach for specific cases,
 collaborate with professionals to learn what is working in their schools,
 hear from national experts in the field of school psychology, and
 get practical training that will help me get ahead for the next school year.
The summer conferences are an enormous value for the money. I can register for 1, 2, or 3 days of
training ($199, $379, and $549 respectively for NASP members). Additional costs would include
[airfare, hotel, transportation, and meals], which I have estimated at [insert estimate].
It is critical that I take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that I am providing the most effective
services to improve student success. If granted the opportunity, I will return to our district with
important new information that will benefit individual students and our district as a whole. I will also
be able to provide professional development to mental health professionals from around the district
on current best practices in school psychology.
If you have any questions about the conference or my proposal, please let me know. You can also
find additional details on the summer conferences at www.nasponline.org/summer.
[Your Name]