Dear xxxx (Principal),
I am currently doing graduate work in education at Alverno College, and I am preparing to begin work on an
action research project. This project is a requirement of an Educational Inquiry course, and it is designed to
help improve my practice as an educator. My research topic is students’ motivation for writing, which I will
pursue in the context of collaborative writing assignments that I have developed for the purpose of improving
student writing. Better understanding what motivates students to write will help me to become a better
writing teacher and contribute to improving education at our school.
Since the research I’m proposing will involve holding one 30-minute conference with each of eight to ten
students in my “Women’s Voices” class, I am seeking your approval to carry out this action research project.
The 30-minute conferences will be held at the end of the trimester. They will be held outside of class but
during school hours; I will choose a time that is convenient for the student and me. I will also gather data for
my action, using information from 15-minute group discussions about what I am generally hearing from
students about writing. The discussion would occur during class time.
The other data I would collect specifically for the action research project involves my recording of my
observations about student attitudes and behaviors toward the required writing for the class, and so, generally
would not require any extra work on the part of the students. I also want to stress that this action research
project is an extension of the work I do as part of my normal responsibilities as a teacher.
I will probably include some quotes from the conferences in my written and oral research reports, which I will
present to the public at an event in May 2010. In addition, I may present my research report to teachers at XYZ
High School or at the Wisconsin Reading Association Conference, if I think my findings would help others
improve their teaching.
I will keep all the data I collect completely confidential, and I will not use our school’s name nor any students’
names in any research reports. Any information that I present will not be linked to any personal information
that could be used to identify individual students. I am confident that I have taken the necessary steps to
ensure that my research will be conducted in ways that meet ethical standards. I have attached the consent
letters that I wish to give to the students and to their parents/guardians.
Please sign below and return a copy of this letter to me indicating whether or not you give me permission to
conduct this action research project.
Thank you for your consideration.
 I give permission to you to conduct the action research project described above.
 I do not give permission to you to conduct the action research project described above.
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