§20 – Viruses & Bacteria - Cardinal Newman High School

§20 – Viruses & Bacteria
Study Guide Review
Book Material
Bacterial Cell Shapes - Microscopy
Gram staining differentiates bacteria
Pathogenic Bacteria
Lecture Reviews
Genetic Engineering
Concepts for Review
Know why we do not consider viruses to be alive.
What are their “life-like” characteristics?
Know the difference between the Lytic cycle and the
lysogenic cycle.
Begin to question why viruses exist—why are there
so many, and how are they specific to certain
animals? How do they spread among animals?
Concepts for Review
In what 7 ways are prokaryotes different from
How are bacteria organized? What are their
A truck crash on I95 spilled gallons of Hydrogen
Sulfate (a strong acid) all over the road. As a well-paid
consultant, what actions would you recommend?
Concepts for Review
How can bacteria be useful?
Does antibiotic resistance remind you of another
process we have discussed?
Does genetic engineering remind you of another
process we have discussed?