Comparing Viruses and Bacteria – Review Worksheet (1)

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Comparing Viruses and Bacteria – Review Worksheet
1. What is the name of the smallest and simplest cells?
2. Into which kingdom do cells belong who live in extreme environments?
3. Are bacteria multicellular or unicellular?
4. How do bacteria reproduce?
5. What are the two domains of prokaryotes? (review of Ch. 18 – Classification)
6. What do bacteria use to move?
7. What do bacteria have surrounding their cell membrane?
8. Draw and label the three shapes of bacteria in the table below:
Description of
Scientific name:
9. What are the two main parts of a virus?
10. What part of a virus allows it to attach to a cell?
11. What do viruses need to reproduce?
12. What are the two types of nucleic acids viruses may have?
13. What type of virus infects bacteria?
14. What is used to fight a bacterial infection?
15. What is used to prevent a viral infection?
In the Venn diagram below, compare and contrast bacteria and viruses. Write
things they share in the space where the circles overlap, and how they’re different
in the separate circles.