6th Grade Social Studies Parent-Student Guide

Sixth Grade Social Studies Parent Guide
Kelly Schanaberger
*World history from the Stone Age-Ancient Rome
Class Format
*We begin each class period with a challenge question. These
questions range from geography to history to government and are
done to introduce, review, or deepen the students’ understanding
of certain topics.
*A typical class period includes lots of student participation. I ask knowledge and
comprehension questions, as well as higher level questions intended to get students to
analyze and evaluate what they are learning.
*We watch video clips, play review games, and when possible give students the
opportunity to interact with the Smartboard.
Late/Absent Work Policy
*10% off if the assignment is one day late. 50 % is taken off if the assignment is turned
in two days late. After the second day, a late assignment won’t be accepted.
* An assignment is considered late if it is not brought to class on the day it is due.
*1 make-up day is given for every day a student is absent (ex. absent 2 days, 2 days to
complete the assignments/tests missed), unless there is a special circumstance.
*Again this year, parents can check their child’s grade on-line. Please check this on a
weekly basis.
* I will update my on-line gradebook weekly, typically on Sundays.
Extra Credit
*One smaller assignment (5-7 pts) is offered each trimester.
Top 20
*Top 20 is an incentive competition for all 6th graders.
*Students can earn points through participation in class discussions, winning in-class
games, excellent behavior, just to name a few. Additional points can be earned by doing
the on-line quizzes I post on my page a few times during the trimester.
*At the end of the trimester, the sixth graders who are in the top 20% of the grade in
terms of tiles earned, will be invited to a special lunch.
Tips for Success
*Ask questions in class if something is confusing.
*Come for help in study hall or after school if needed.
*Always complete study guides given for tests, even if they aren’t being collected for a
*Be in class every day. Lots of things happen during a class period that are not written
on an absent work sheet. (discussions, video clips, announcements, etc.)
I encourage you to check my website regularly, as I post the daily homework and
a list of weekly highlights on my site.
Please call or e-mail me any time during the course of the year if you have a question or
concern about your child’s progress. I am happy to help any student who is struggling,
or just wants some extra one on one help.