Essential Goals 1

Essential Learning Goals for French I
1rst term:
Students can reproduce the sounds of the French Alphabet and spell words.
Students can greet each other and other people using courtesy expressions.
Students are able to describe the seasons according to the seasons.
Students understand commands and respond to them accordingly.
Students can count from zero to one hundred.
Students can tell the date.
Students can conjugate verbs in er.
Students can use formal and informal forms of address.
Students can choose the appropriate subject pronouns to replace a subject and
make it agree correctly with the verb.
10. Students can describe weather.
Cultural Component:
Origins of French Language
French Geography: French City Project
History: Overview: Middle Ages, French Revolution, Napoleon
2nd term:
1. Students are able to discern indefinite from definite articles.
2. Students use the verb etre in various expressions.
3. Students express likes and dislikes with aimer et detester followed by the
4. Students are able to formulate questions using three different ways.
5. Students can respond negatively or affirmatively to questions.
6. Students are familiar with ir verbs and can conjugate them.
7. Students can talk about body parts and describe them with adjectives.
8. Students can talk and friend and describe their physical appearance and
9. Students can talk about their feelings.
10. Students demonstrate their ability to talk about clothing by buying various outfits
on the internet.
Cultural Component:
Christmas in France
Fete des Rois
Shopping in French department store/Euros.
3rd Term:
1) Students know the re verbs and can conjugate them.
2) Students use the verb avoir alone and in expressions.
3) Students are familiar with at least 6 irregular verbs: aller, venir, faire, pouvoir,
4) Students can express possession with the use of the correct possessive adjectives.
5) Students can talk about various members of their family.
6) Students ask specific questions using the correct question words.
7) Students can order in a restaurant using the various partitive, du, de la- de l’- des
8) Students demonstrate their knowledge of food vocabulary by creating a menú.
Cultural Component:
Mardi Gras. St Valentin.
La cuisine Francaise.
Menu creation.
4rth term:
Students can express themselves using reflexive verbs.
Students can replace direct object with the proper direct object pronoun.
Students can replace indirect objects with the proper indirect object pronoun.
Students understand the formation of the immediate future with aller and its use.
Students can use the demonstrative pronouns this and these.
Students can listen to a text or dialogue and respond to questions about the
7) Students can create a paragraph on a given subject previously studied.
8) Students can understand the form of the passé compose: avoir + participle passé.
9) Students demonstrate their knowledge of various thematic vocabulary by creating
a 3 minute video. See Cultural Component.
Cultural Component:
Movie Festival. Students créate a 3 minutes video in French.