French III Curriculum Overview

French III Curriculum Overview
French III is broken down into thematic units, each of which each usually contains vocabulary, a
grammar concept and culture. Much focus is placed on verb tenses, listening skills and reading in
1st Semester
Review of previous material
Assessment: Little Book (about self)—written and read aloud
Movie, Music, Entertainment Vocabulary & Culture
Irregular verbs Savoir and Connaître
Assessment: test
Review of Passé Composé in all forms
Introduction of expressions of time and verb tense (venir de, depuis, il y a)
Invariable expression “Il faut”
Reading of “La Rentrée”
Assessment: test
Review of Stress pronouns
Direct Object pronouns—usage and placement
Indirect Object pronouns—usage and placement
Assessment: test
Study of the Paris “Métro” (subway system)
Read story «Le Monstre dans le Métro »
Assessment: test
Paris unit
Assessment: Paris Project
Review of negative expressions and introduction of new negative expressions
Irregular verb “croire”
Assessment: test
Review of direct and indirect object pronouns
Introduction of pronouns y and en—usage and placement
Double oject pronoun replacement—usage and placement
Assessment: test
Video series—«Café des Rêves»
Assessment: listening and vocab test
1st semester exam is a traditional test
2nd Semester
Housing unit—vocab and culture
Verbs—vivre, mettre (and like verbs), eteindre (and like verbs), ouvrir (and like verbs)
Assessment: test and project (letter or skit)
Read story “Le Voyage Perdu”
Assessment: test
Body Parts vocabulary and French body language
Health vocabulary
Sports and additional faire expressions
Assessment: test
Reflexive verbs
Reciprocal verbs
Personal hygiene vocabulary
Assessment: test
Relative pronouns
Imparfait—formation, usage, versus Passé Composé
Assessment: test
Plus-que-Parfait—formation and usage
Review of clothing vocabulary and adjectives
Assessment: test
Listen to story “Drôle de Mission”
Assessment: listening and vocab test
Future tense—formation and usage
Si, quand clauses
Final exam is a story project demonstrating mastery of the entire year’s topics