study guide 6.2

Guía de Estudio para el examen
¡Avancemos! Unidad 6, etapa 2
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Hoping to see you develop into independent learners for the rest of the
school year you will be asked to help create your own study guide.
A. Vocabulary.
Look at the words in English (page 353 of the textbook or in the back of the workbook)
and write them in Spanish until you get them right. You may also prepare flash cards
and practice with them until you know all the vocabulary. This is the foundation for
success in the rest of the chapter. Attach to this paper at least one list of the
B. Present subjunctive.
Study all your blue cards, and then write the following information:
1. Rule for formation of present subjunctive.
2. Conjugate: hablar, tener and escribir (check them with page 339)
3. Spelling change (verbs like sacar, pagar and empezar): What happens? Why?
4. Stem changing verbs:
a. –ar and –er
conjugate pensar and poder
check them with page 339
b. –ir
conjugate pedir, preferir and dormir
check them with page 344
Irregular verbs, dishes, dar, ir, ser, haber, estar, saber (page 353)
C. Culture. Study textbook pages 340, 346 and 350-351. Workbook pages 289 to 291.
Attach all the papers you write with all the vocabulary and conjugations
use it to study for the test and bring it in on the assigned day.