Pronoun Subject Verb Agreement

Andrea White
2nd Grade
Pronouns and verbs must agree, or
work together in sentences.
When the pronoun he, she, or it
is in the subject of a sentence,
add –s to most verbs in the
present tense.
Judy walks the dog.
She walks the dog.
The turtle moves slowly.
It moves slowly.
When the pronoun is I, you, we, or they
do not add –s.
Sally and I ride our bikes.
We ride our bikes.
Bob washes the car.
He washes the car.
The children run the track
They run the track.
One Person or Thing
More Than One
He sleeps
They sleep
She plays
We play
It crawls
You crawl
She swims
I swim
He jumps
They jump
Name the correct verb.
They (draw draws) a dinosaur.
They draw a dinosaur.
Name the correct verb.
I (drink drinks) a lot of water.
I drink a lot of water.
Name the correct verb.
He (plug plugs) in the lamp.
He plugs in the lamp.
Name the correct verb.
She (build builds) a doll house.
She builds a doll house.
Name the correct verb.
We (pick picks) flowers for mom.
We pick flowers for mom.
Pronouns and verbs
must agree, or work