American Revolution Essay Questions Extra Credit

American Revolution Essay Questions Extra Credit
To answer these questions you will need to use the Burneson Subscription Resources or
Google. I would recommend writing at least three sentences, stating specific facts and support
for those facts.
1. Give examples of how King George tried to control the lives of the colonists and how the
colonists protested the king’s actions. (World Book Encyclopedia)
2. During the Revolutionary War, people living in the colonies were split into three
categories – Patriots, Loyalists and Neutral. If you had lived in the colonies during this
time, which group would you be in? Why?
3. Knowing the outcome of the Revolutionary War, name three reasons for the victory by
the colonists.
4. What were the effects of colonization on the Native Americans?
5. Explain the Triangular Trade Route. Include the counties and products involved, how it
worked, and its importance.