October 27

The ninth meeting of the Fourteenth Senate was called to order by Paige Settles at 5:00pm on October
27, 2015.
The minutes from last meeting were approved by unanimous consent.
President- Jay Todd Richey: Report sent via email. President Richey appointed Bryan Andersen to the
The appointment was approved unanimously by the senate.
Executive Vice President- Nolan Miles: A student has taken on the role of serving on the Potter College
Academic Complaints Committee. We also need an alternate for that committee. Sawyer and I are
looking into using a broadcasting app for SGA.
Administrative Vice President- Liz Koehler: No report.
Chief of Staff- James Line: No report.
Director of Public Relations- Sawyer Coffee: I have been working on a few different things. I’m in the
middle of designing a student activities banner. I’ve been compiling the list for “Dub the Pub”
submissions. The Executive committee will compile a list of the top ten submissions, and we will have
voting on that during homecoming week.
Director of Academic & Student Affairs- Barrett Greenwell: No report.
Director of Information Technology- Rachel Keightley: No report.
Speaker of the Senate- Paige Settles: Sorry about the confusion before today’s meeting, and I apologize
for not attending senate last week. We now have a final deadline for legislation at 5pm on the Monday
before senate.
Secretary of the Senate- Cole McDowell: No report.
Academic Affairs- Kate Hart: The deadline for scholarships is approaching, and we need more people to
serve on the committee to grade them.
Campus Improvements- Zach Jones: We are working with facilities to develop a campus map to show
biking routes and access points. We will have some student speakers from the sculpture department
and the physics department.
Legislative Research- Megan Skaggs: We are working on incorporating line numbers into the bills for the
agenda each week.
Public Relations- Emily Pride: No report.
Student Affairs- Temple Ricke: We will be having a meeting after senate today.
Cultural & Diversity Affairs- Hannah Neeper: I had a meeting this past week with the Veteran Student
Alliance, and I will be meeting personally with members of different minority student groups on campus
soon to hold larger sessions with them about MyCampusToo. I AM a Kentuckian is at 7 at GRH.
Sustainability- Chelsea Faught: We will be having a meeting soon. There will be a few events on
campus for Sustainability Day tomorrow, including a pumpkin carving a dedication ceremony.
University Committee Reports:
Budget Council: Our first meeting was last Thursday, and the council is looking at new ways to see how
it will function and what its role is.
Parking Ticket Appeals Board: Your first ticket under no circumstances is obligated to get waived.
University Athletic Committee: The Boys’ Basketball schedule has been released, and we will be playing
a U of L this year during winter break.
Academic Complaints Committee: Grade appeals are going to go through individual colleges rather than
coming to this committee.
Judicial Council Report: No report.
Resolution 5-15-F
Therefore Clause: “support” amended to “supports”
5th Whereas Clause: “Bike Lanes” amended to “bike lanes” and “Creason St” amended to
“Creason St.”
Therefore: “, as well as create” amended to “and”
Resolution 5-15-F passed by unanimous consent.
Bill 6-15-F
Bill 6-15-F passed in a 19-2 vote.
The meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent at 6:13pm.
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