Team 9 Math Syllabus - Geary County Schools USD 475

Team 9 Math- Miss Card
Materials Needed EVERY DAY in math class:
AVID School Binder containing these items:
o Math composition book
o Math textbook (stored in school binder)
Classroom Procedures:
When class begins: PRESS (PRepared, Enter, Sit, Start)
There are three parts to completing PRESS (IN THIS ORDER):
1) Prepare any homework assignments to be turned in or checked by the teacher
2) Students should record their daily homework assignment in their planner.
3) Glue your notes, label your Cornell notes, and write your Essential Question.
**Pencils must be sharpened during this time, as well**
Homework and Homework Quizzes
A homework assignment will be assigned regularly. This will usually be in the form of a Cornell note
summary, completing the questions section, or completing a few practice problems. Once class begins
and the teacher has checked for homework completion, students may ask questions before the daily
Homework Quiz is given. Students will be responsible for answering 1-2 questions on the Homework
Quiz that relate to the previous assignment. Students may use their notes and homework to assist them
with the quiz. Taking detailed notes during class will pay off!!
Homework and Homework Quiz Grading Policy
Each question will be worth 5 points. The questions will be graded using the following criteria:
5 points
Correct answer is given and work
is provided to show the student’s
thinking process
3 points
0 points
Correct answer is given but no
work is provided to show the
thinking process
Incorrect answer is given and no
work is provided to show the
thinking process
Incorrect answer is given but
provided work to show the
thinking process
No answer is provided (left blank,
??, or IDK)
Absent from Class
Students are responsible for finding out what they missed during class and for making up all work,
including Homework Quizzes. If a member from your group is missing, you should get copies of class
work and place them in their yellow folder. When you are absent, you will retrieve your folder and find
the missing materials inside. If you know that you are going to be absent, you should get the materials
from Miss Card ahead of time. This includes absences due to school and sporting events!
Grading Policy
Class Work
Math Notebook Checks
30% of Grade
Homework Quizzes
Unit Quizzes and Tests
Unit Projects
70% of Grade
Please refer to school wide grading policy in the student planner for grading scale.
Routine Interactive Notebook (INB) Checks
Student Math notebooks will be checked for organization at the teacher’s discretion. This will be a
large part of your homework grade. A rubric will be given at least one day prior to INB checks to let
students know what they are accountable for during the notebook check.
Missing Assignments
If you do not come to class prepared with your assignment when it is due, you will need to complete a
“Pink Slip” to explain why you did not bring the required assignment. Points will also be deducted from
any late assignment. If an assignment is a week late, a zero will be earned.
Test Retakes
If you are not satisfied with your assessment score, you may have a chance to correct or retake an
alternate assessment. In order to do this, you must complete a “Request to Retest” form. All
assignments from the chapter must be complete and the previous test must be corrected before an
alternate test will be given.
Restroom Breaks
Students should use the restroom during their passing period. However, they will be allowed ONE
bathroom ticket per week from class. You will receive this ticket at the beginning of each week for
each core class. It is your responsibility to keep track of this ticket. (I would recommend keeping it in
your pencil pouch). If more than one pass is used per week, the time will need to be made up after
Food and Drink
Students may bring water bottles to class. The bottles need to be clear, and only water is allowed in
them. This excludes juice, pop, or other beverages. Snacks will not be allowed in class unless permission
is given from the teacher.
Additional Help
I coach throughout the entire school year, so the best time to come see me for help is before school.
You will need to let me know the day before you want to come in, and I will write you a pass in your
agenda to come down to my room. It is important to ask questions as soon as you have them rather
than waiting and falling further behind. I would be very glad to help!
Teacher Contact Information
[email protected]
Room C111