Science Class Syllabus

Hanovarian – 8th Grade SCIENCE - Course Syllabus
Mrs. Beth Kamradt
[email protected]
334-4410 ext 313
BA Math & Science – Penn State
MS Education – Indiana University
BA Middle School Education – NKU
Certified in Middle School Science, SS, LA
Course Units
Unit 1: Scientific Literacy
Unit 2: Genetics
Unit 3: Geological Time
Unit 4: Unity & Diversity
Unit 5: Animal Behavior
Unit 6: Ecology
Unit 7: Human Impacts
Unit 8: Physical Science &
High School Preparation
Grading – I expect ALL students to master all the objectives in this class. Therefore:
You will have up until 5 days before the end of each grading period to continuously
improve class work assignments for that grading period for full credit. I will repeatedly
re-grade your work as often as you choose to improve it! 
• Class Assignments = typically, 20 points each
• Quizzes = 5 points each Tests = 10 points each (Note: Quizzes & Tests may NOT be corrected.)
• Unit Exams = 100 points each (50% Correction credit available for Unit Exams)
• Homework = typically 10 points each (May be made up minus 1 pt. for LATE HW)
 Projects – May be a 10% penalty for late work.
Homework – You can expect 1-2 homework (HW) assignments per week, and you will
need to study for the unit exams. HW assignments will be posted on the front board
for you to record them in your planner, at the beginning of class of EVERY class. If there
is NO HW, you should enter “NO HW” in your planner. If you need extra time, you
should email or see me to request an extension before an assignment is due.
Absences - Since you have extended time to complete and improve all class work, you
are responsible for ALL class activities. If you are absent, your team will put your
materials in your folder. Ask your table-mates for help when you return or email me in
the morning that you are out, and I may be able to send you your work via email.
• Extra copies of all materials are always available on the shelves on the front table. You
may help yourself to additional copies at any time! Please, do not take the last copy; let
me know so I can make more copies.
• Quizzes must be made up. If you miss a quiz, go to the Quiz Binder on the top of the
front shelves to make up your quiz.
• Videos – Most videos used in class are available on-line.. If it is a DVD, you may often
be able to borrow it over-night or stay afterschool to watch any videos. Pls., ask me.
Afterschool Help - if you would like additional help, I am available to stay after school on
Wednesdays and Fridays. Sign up on the Calendar on the clipboard on the front board,
so I will know you want help.
Class Folders & Lab Journals will be stored in the classroom, so you can never lose
anything! You may take your Lab Journal any time you want to study for exams/ quizzes
or need to work on a lab report, etc. If you want to make-up or improve assignments,
you may always take your materials/ assignment sheets home to do or improve them.
What to bring to class – A positive, curious attitude … a pencil and your planner.
You must bring your planner EVERY day. Expect to use a pass to go get it if you
forget it. Even, if there’s no HW, you will still be expected to record that, too.
Classroom Behavioral Expectations Be Safe – Science room safety procedures and behaviors apply, ALWAYS, even if
we are not doing a lab. (See Lab Safety Contract.) NO horseplay, ever.
Be Respectful – Raise hands, Golden Rule kindness, no distracting behaviors, and
good manners are expected.
Be Good Citizens – Do class jobs, help each other, care for our animals, and do
your duty as a young American citizen  attend school and learn.
Be Self-Disciplined – Stay on task, do your best, finish your work, THEN socialize 
Be a Scholar – Be curious, keep track of ALL your grades on your Learning Log. Ask
questions if you don’t understand something.
Our Question Process is:
1. Actively listen to all directions and presented information.
2. Read ALL directions on class sheets and projected materials.
3. Ask your tablemates.
4. Raise your hand, and I will be happy to come help you as soon as I can.
5. During lectures and while listening to directions, please, hold questions until I
finish directions or present key points. Make a note of your question! I will
ALWAYS ask if there are any questions as soon as directions/ key points are
complete. Then, PLEASE ask me your question if I haven’t addressed it. I LOVE
student questions, but I do expect you to actively listen to and read directions.
Learning Logs - You will be recording ALL your assignment scores and quiz
responses on one sheet of paper called your Learning Log. Learning Logs should
never leave the classroom, until the end of the grading period.
Class Jobs and our Pets – I need your help! We will have a very active and engaging
time learning together, this year, and we’ll need to work as a team to make that
happen. Every table will have a classroom job to do each day such as passing out
folders or materials, collecting Learning Logs with graded papers, etc.
During the 2nd grading period, your table may also be given responsibility for
caring for one of our classroom pets, as long as your team is maintaining an A/B
average, and you have demonstrated that you are a self-managed team.
We all need to remember that our classroom is our pets’ home, and we need to
treat our classroom pets with kindness and respect at all times. We will be
learning a lot about and from our animals, this year, and I hope you will enjoy them
as much as other students have in previous years.
I am looking forward to a challenging and enjoyable year, together!  Mrs. K.
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