Syllabus 2015-2016 Stawicki

8th Grade Math Syllabus
Ms. Stawicki
Phone #:
[email protected] ( preferred )
(951) 487-7797 ext. 6312
Required Materials
As an AVID school, all students must bring their own supplies every day. The following are needed for this class:
* 3-ring binder with dividers or folders for each subject
* Loose leaf lined paper
* Sharpened pencils (ALL work is to be done in pencil)
* Eraser(s)
* 2-3 different colored highlighters
* Red Pen (for grading)
Grading Policy
40% - Coursework
40% - Assessments
10% - Benchmark 1
10% - Benchmark 2
Class Procedures
Students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible learners at all times. Interruptions to teaching and learning
are unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to the following expectations:
* be in your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings and remain seated throughout class
* no food, drink, or gum chewing is permitted in class – water is the only exception!
* raise your hand to speak unless working in groups/partners
* ALL electronics must remain off and put away during the school day
Each student is responsible for his or her own assignments; academic dishonesty will result in no credit for all students
involved. To receive full credit on math assignments, you must show all of your work unless otherwise specified.
In the event of an absence, the assignment(s) due in your absence are due immediately upon your return. It is your
responsibility to obtain and make up all work assigned in your absence. You will have one day for every day you were
out to turn in the missing work, otherwise it will be late.
Late work will only be accepted within two weeks from when it was due and up to 50% credit may be deducted. Extra
copies of assignments are only available on a first come, first served basis until they run out.
Some quizzes will be online, others on paper. Students who miss a quiz due to an absence should expect to make up the
quiz upon their return. Students who score poorly on a quiz may retake the quiz once. Paper retakes must be taken
within two weeks of the original assessment date and require a parent signature on the graded quiz.
Extra credit can be earned online through Khan Academy. Points will be awarded at the end of each month. Students
will earn 5 points for each skill mastered. Students may earn a maximum of 100 points per month.
Tutoring is available on campus Monday-Thursday. If you’re having difficulties during class, you may also email me or
stop by my classroom to ask questions.
Student Progress
The school will send home one progress report & one report card each quarter. Additionally, student progress can be
monitored online through the Parent Portal. Please see the front office for username and passwords.
Restroom Policy
The restroom should be used during passing periods, nutrition, and lunch. In emergencies, students will be permitted
no more than two restroom passes each quarter. Students may not leave during the first or last 10 minutes of class or in
the middle of a lesson. A written note is required for a medical circumstance necessitating special accommodation.
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